We take great pride in our collection, and for that reason, we offer a comprehensive return policy for our customers.

We understand that buying your engagement ring is a massive decision, and we want to ensure that it is as stress-free as possible.

Below are the different options within our return policies.

Terms of the Return Policy

Returning ring in ring box

14-Day Return Policy

Our return policy extends to all customers (unless clearly stated otherwise on the invoice or if it’s a custom order) and allows them to return their jewelry within 14 days, no questions asked.

If a customer chooses to return the jewelry for any reason, we will fully refund their payment (or write them a check for the full amount paid).

The 14 days will begin as soon as the purchase is available for shipment or pickup.

Additionally, here are the complementary services that are covered during the first 14 days of the purchase:

  • Free overnight and insured shipping
  • Free return shipping
  • Complimentary sizing of the ring upon purchase
  • Complete warranty on all jewelry work*

* The jewelry warranty and return of the ring will only be made available if the jewelry item is in identical condition to what was sent. All impacts (even accidental), damages, alterations, or jewelry work not done by Estate Diamond Jewelry will void the return policy.

1-Year Limited Warranty

Throughout the first year of the purchase, as long as the jewelry item goes through normal wear and tear, you will be completely covered by our one-year limited warranty.

This warranty will enable customers to send their jewelry items to our showroom for repair.

Please note that shipping and insurance for the jewelry item to our showroom are the buyer’s responsibility.

The following are normal wear-and-tear jewelry repairs that are covered under our 1-year limited warranty:

  • Tightening of prongs and gemstones
  • Replacement of diamonds and gemstones that fall out (that weigh under 0.10 carats)
  • Polishing and re-milgraining
  • Repair of shank or shoulders that are slightly bent
  • Cleaning

This warranty will not cover damage caused by an impact on the jewelry item, purposeful harm, or negligence.

Please note that our 1-year limited warranty will not qualify our customer for a refund.

Lifetime Value Upgrade Program

In addition to our One-Year Limited Warranty, we offer a lifetime value upgrade program for our customers.

The lifetime value upgrade will enable the customer to leverage any purchase made on our website for the full value of the original purchase.

If you purchased a ring for $14,000 in 2001, you could return it in exchange for another ring of equal value*. Additionally, you can add another $12,000, for example, and purchase a $26,000 ring.

*This program only allows for exchanges that exceed their original purchase by $4,000 and cannot work with any promotions or discounts.

How to Return Your Ring

Packaging for Engagement Ring

Our return policy is really simple.

  • Contact us and notify us that you wish to make a return
  • We will send you an insured shipping label (we will pay for it as well)
  • Ship the piece to our showroom
  • Receive your full payment (or store credit if you choose)

All returns should be mailed to:

Estate Diamond Jewelry
608 5th Ave, Suite 503
New York, NY 10020

Upon receiving the jewelry, we will require 3-5 business days to process and inspect the item to ensure that it has not been tampered with. The refund will issue through the same method of payment used in the purchase. We may also write a check if the situation requires it.

International purchases will be refunded in USD based on the USD rate at the time of return.

Return shipping must be made within seven days from initial notification.

All refund petitions must also be in writing (mail, email, or fax). Any returns showing signs of alteration or damage will not be accepted for return.

Common Questions

Will I still be eligible to return the ring if you resize it?

Yes! When done by our jewelers, sizing does not jeopardize the ring’s integrity and will not affect the return policy.

Will you pay for international duties, taxes, or brokerage fees?

No. We only return the total value of the ring.

How long will it take to receive my money back?

Each situation will differ, but you should expect to receive your money between 2-5 business days.

Are there any items that cannot qualify for the 14-day return?

All the items on our website are covered by the 14-day return unless custom-ordered, custom-altered, or unless stipulated on the invoice.