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The Best Engagement Rings for 2024 – 40 Different Styles

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Moving to the next stage in a relationship is thrilling, but picking an engagement ring shouldn’t be a burden. Even if you have decided on the stone cut and type of precious metal, the wide variety of options can easily overwhelm you. In this guide, we have narrowed down the selection, presenting you with the 40 best engagement rings for 2024.

Classical, trendy, modest, or bold – no matter what your style, read on to find the perfect ring to fall in love with. If any of the rings on this list happen to catch your eye, then please make sure you contact us to reserve them.

1. Elm Park Ring 

Delicate Diamond Ring With A Diamond On Each Shoulder

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Elm Park Ring.

Vintage rings are hotter than ever! A classical yet contemporary vintage diamond ring from the 1950s opens our selection. The 0.76-carat old European-cut center stone is paired with two tapered baguette-cut diamonds. This Retro-era ring is a traditional choice, but different cuts give the ring a modern twist. 

2. Monticello Ring

platinum engagement ring featuring a round center diamond and adorned shoulders

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Monticello Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this Art Deco-era piece is certainly a great choice for those who love subtle rings with intricate details. The 1.66-carat old European-cut center diamond is the main star here. The ring features additional diamonds on each shoulder as well as fine milgrain detailing and intricate hand engravings along the shank.

3. Cairns Ring

Diamond Ring With Diamond-Set Leaf Motif Shoulders

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Cairns Ring.

This is a ring for those who adore unusual shapes and delicate designs. A 1.16-carat old European-cut center diamond is framed by floral details. Three leaves flank each side of the stone and feature additional diamonds with a total weight of approximately 0.10 carats. Finally, the platinum band features a triple-wire shank. A modest and feminine, yet fun alternative to the traditional solitaire designs. 

4. Worcester Ring 

Simple Round Platinum Ring With Center Diamond And Diamonds on shoulder

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Worcester Ring

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, the Vintage-era Worcester Ring is a perfect example of how subtlety and simplicity can pay off. Indeed, this ring is just as beautiful as more complex designs and perhaps more elegant than many. The center stone is a 0.50-carat round brilliant-cut diamond with I color and VS1 clarity. Finally, the shoulders feature three additional diamonds each.

5. Lagos Ring 

Diamond Ring With Floral Diamond Halo And Hand Engraves Shank

Price: $16,000. Learn more about the Lagos Ring.

This delicate, floral ring features a 1.52-carat old European-cut center diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. The surrounding floral-shaped diamond halo totals an additional 0.65 carats and adds a charming appeal. As a result, this is a refreshing choice for brides, who don’t want to go for a traditional look.

Halo-style rings are one of the most popular trends these days, and this setting makes the center stone appear bigger. What’s more, the shank features intricate engravings for an added touch of elegance and sophistication. Finally, this Edwardian-era beauty was handcrafted in platinum circa 1910.

6. Mosley Ring

Diamond Centered Platinum Ring With Blue Sapphire Halo And Diamonds On Shoulders

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Mosley Ring

Up next, we have another stunning halo ring. The 2.29-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond is surrounded by bright blue French-cut sapphires. The band is made of platinum and features four additional smaller diamonds along the shoulders. This truly splendid ring is perfect for those who want to add a dash of color to their life.

7. Haydon Ring 

Delicate Solitaire Ring With Large Diamond Held In 8 Prongs

Price: $90,000. Learn more about the Haydon Ring.

Back to the classics – this Art Deco Era ring features an incredible 5.81-carat center diamond in a crown-style setting. The platinum band is elegantly decorated with ornamental filigree, including detailed engravings along all visible portions of the shank. The main stone is high-set in ten subtle prongs, ensuring that the stunning diamond is as visible as possible while remaining secure.

8. Denmark Ring 

Square ring featuring round center diamond with sapphire and diamond accents

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Denmark Ring.

The unique shape of the Denmark Ring makes it truly outstanding. The 1.23-carat round center diamond is surrounded by a halo of French-cut blue sapphires, while each corner of the square-shaped ring features a diamond in a kite shape. What’s more, the shoulders display additional diamonds in a fleur-de-lis shape.

Each part of this ring is worth looking at it over and over again. It also incorporates multiple trends of recent years – halo, colorful gemstones, and various shapes. 

9. Auburndale Ring

Round platinum ring with center diamond and green emerald halo

Price: $11,000. Learn more about the Auburndale Ring

If you’d like a ring with a bright green halo but prefer a minimalistic design, then the Auburndale Ring is a great choice. The 1.38-carat, old European-cut center diamond, and calibre emeralds are set above a floral openwork gallery. The main stone dates back to the 1920s, while the mounting is modern. 

10. Banbury Ring

platinum engagement ring with round diamond unique triangular shoulders

Price: $19,000. Learn more about the Banbury Ring

A three-stone diamond ring – what could be more timeless? This style symbolizes the past, present, and future. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this Art Deco-era treasure features a 2.02-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and VS1 clarity. What’s more, the small diamond pavé-set in a triangular bezel on each shoulder adds a sleek and striking allure. 

11. Coatbridge Ring

Diamond Ring Featuring Large Diamond And Simple Design

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Coatbridge Ring.

For brides who love to turn heads, we present the Coatbridge Ring. The center diamond weighs a whopping 8.47 carats, and will certainly draw attention. What’s more, the stone is of excellent quality boasting J color and VVS2 clarity. For a diamond this size, extra embellishments are unnecessary. The only additional details are two small baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders. 

12. Barrington Ring

Yellow Gold Ring With Crown Set Center Diamond

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Barrington Ring

The rare yellow gold setting here is underestimated – diamonds contrast well with the warm tone, revealing bright, colorful rays. The ring features a GIA-certified colorless 1.63-carat old European-cut diamond as well as a crown-style gallery. The crown is decorated with diamond-set fleur-de-lis patterns, while additional diamonds adorn the shoulders.

13. Tuena Ring

Platinum Octagonal Diamond Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Tuena Ring

Octagonal-shaped rings with antique cushion-cut center diamonds offer strong competition to round pieces – just as timeless, but less common. A 1.07-carat diamond is in the spotlight, set in a halo of smaller stones. Finally, each shoulder features a fleur-de-lis design set with an additional diamond. 

14. Morristown Ring 

platinum ring featuring center blue sapphire and two diamonds on each shoulder

Price: $4,200. Learn more about the Morristown Ring

Sapphires are an elegant alternative to diamonds and a choice of the royal family. The Morristown Ring presents an emerald-cut, 1.68-carat natural deep blue sapphire, with two baguette-cut diamonds on each of the shoulders. Delicate and minimalistic, this ring is perfect for brides who follow fashion but don’t want to look too flashy. 

15. Ceylon Sapphire Ring 

Sapphire Centered White Gold Ring With Double Halo Of Diamonds

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Lane Ring

Another sapphire ring, but this time much more remarkable and luxurious. The rare Kashmir center sapphire weighs 1.81 carats, while the surrounding double halo of diamonds emphasizes its beauty. A hypnotizing piece, the setting is 18k white gold and the sapphire is AGL certified. 

16. Castlebar Ring 

Minimal Platinum Ring Featuring Large Center Diamond And Diamonds On Shoulders

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Castlebar Ring

This stunning ring features a colorless emerald-cut center diamond GIA-certified as 4.09 carats, F color, and VS1 clarity. The stone’s shape makes it appear bigger and adds an Art Deco-inspired touch to the piece. Finally, the shoulders are adorned with smaller diamonds. 

17. 1.10ct Tiffany Ring 

Delicate platinum Ring With center diamond and Diamond Lined Shoulders

Price: $20,000. Learn more about the 1.10ct Tiffany Ring

There’s no doubt that the name Tiffany holds a lot of weight in the jewelry world, and this next ring is a shining example of why. This incredibly stunning piece features a round brilliant-cut center diamond GIA-certified as 1.10 carats, G color, and VS2 clarity. Finally, the shoulders feature a subtle taper as well as 0.18 carats worth of micro-pavé diamonds.

18. Devon Ring

Platinum Ring With Large Diamond And Intricate Shoulders Featuring Additional Diamonds

Price: $70,000. Learn more about the Devon Ring

The spectacular Devon Ring is a perfect piece for the bride who wants the best of the best. Featuring a stunning 4.22-carat old European-cut center diamond, the Devon’s incredible embellishments are the perfect complement. The stone is held in four distinct double prongs, while the shoulders exhibit an intricate shape set with diamonds and fine milgrain borders.

19. Dublin Gold Ring

round yellow gold diamond ring with ruby and diamond halos

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Dublin Gold Ring

The ruby halo and mix of metals truly make this ring a fashion statement piece. The 1.00-carat center diamond isn’t huge, but this doesn’t make the ring any less noteworthy. The setting is handcrafted from platinum and 18k yellow gold, which contrasts the calibre ruby halo very well. If you want something equal parts luxurious and charming, the Dubling Gold Ring is certainly an excellent choice.

20. Kent Ring

white gold ring featuring round center diamond surrounded by buffed onyx

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Kent Ring

The Art Deco-era Kent ring is a perfect blend of minimalism and distinction. Handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1925, this piece features a large 4.30-carat cushion-cut center diamond bezel set in buffed onyx. The minimal design, large stone, and striking contrast come together for a wonderful result.

21. Sardinia Ring 

Delicate Aquamarine Engagement Ring With Diamond Lined Shoulders

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Sardinia Ring

This celestial Asscher-cut aquamarine ring of a heavenly blue color evokes peace, hope, and deep, subtle feelings. The platinum band is engraved and features pavé-set round brilliant-cut diamonds. The center stone is approximately 1.39 carats, while the total diamond weight is approximately 0.36 carats. 

22. Hyde Ring 

Diamond Ring On Rose Gold With Leaf Motif Shoulders

Price: $7,200. Learn more about the Hyde Ring

Rose gold is one of the main trends of recent years, so if you’re looking for something on-trend in 2024 then you won’t be disappointed with the Hyde Ring. This incredibly feminine ring features a 1.18-carat, antique old European-cut diamond surrounded by delicate leaf motif ornamentations. A high crown setting suggests the ring is inspired by the Edwardian Era. 

23. Bowery Ring 

Platinum ring with asscher cut diamond and blue sapphire halo

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Bowery Ring

The lovely Bowery Ring is a perfect piece for those who love colorful gemstones. The Asscher-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as VVS2 clarity, K color, and 2.07 carats. The surrounding blue halo of sapphires totals approximately 0.78 carats and provides a beautiful pop of color to contrast the center diamond. Finally, this platinum piece features a few small diamonds on the shoulders.

24. Berge Ring 

Square Diamond Ring With Diamond Rows On Shoulders

Price: $4,000. Learn more about the Berge Ring.

This Retro Era engagement ring is angular, solid, and minimalistic. If you are down-to-earth and consider extra detailing unnecessary, then the sleek Berge Ring is a perfect choice. Additional elements aren’t required for such a unique piece; the 0.60-carat center diamond is set in a square bezel, while the shoulders are decorated with 2 rows of additional diamonds. 

25. Atlanta Ring 

Diamond Ring Featuring Emerald And Diamond Double Halo

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Atlanta Ring

Up next we have an extravagant double-halo diamond and emerald ring for the chicest of brides. The Atlanta Ring is a perfect size for all the details to be distinct, but not excessive.

The Asscher-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as J color, VS1 clarity, and 0.50 carats, while the emeralds and additional diamonds total 0.50 and 0.30 carats respectively. The deep green color of the emerald halo brings harmony and dispels worries. Finally, this magnificent piece features a triple-wire shank and an openwork under-gallery.

26. Somerville Ring 

Delicate Yellow Gold Crown Style Diamond Ring With Diamond Lined Shoulders

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Somerville Ring

The Somerville Ring is made of yellow gold and features a 1.41-carat diamond in a marvelous crown setting. Delicate and subtle from above, this ring reveals its magical luxury from the side view. What’s more, the bridge, gallery, and shoulders are all lined with additional smaller diamonds. A truly majestic piece, both intriguing and classical. 

27. Fitchburg Ring

Octagonal Platinum Ring Featuring Double Halo Of Diamonds And Center Emerald

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Fitchburg Ring

This double-halo ring features a 1.52-carat natural Colombian emerald with a vivid green color surrounded by numerous diamonds, continuing on the ring’s shoulders. The diamonds total approximately 0.60 carats and bold engravings decorate the shank. If you want to shine brighter than all the stars in the sky combined, then the Fitchburg Ring will become your ideal companion. 

28. Southwell Ring

Bold Minimal Diamond Ring With A Baguette Diamond On Each Shoulder

Price: $13,000. Learn more about the Southwell Ring

The Southwell Ring is one of the most modest options in our selection, yet is just about as sleek and bold as possible. The platinum setting holds three diamonds; a 1.06-carat old European-cut center stone, as well as a baguette-cut diamond on each shoulder. The setting of the center diamond is a beautiful, high crown, which makes the stone appear square. Finally, the ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1935.

29. Scandia Ring

Spectacular Marquise Pink Diamond Ring With Double Halo

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the Scandia Ring

For brides with a dramatic style, marquise-cut engagement rings are the most suitable option; and none is more fitting than the spectacular Scandia Ring. Not only does this ring feature the marquise cut, which makes the stone appear larger, but the stone itself is pink. What’s more, the surrounding double halo is yet another exquisite part of the design.

This is without a doubt your go-to ring if you want something to turn heads. 

30. Denton Ring

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Platinum Prongs And Yellow Gold Band

Price: $19,000. Learn more about the Denton Ring

Three-stone rings are a traditional choice, and the Denton is an excellent option for those who want a minimal piece. Handcrafted in the Edwardian Era circa 1905, the Denton features a 1.88-carat center stone with J color and VS1 clarity accompanied by two additional diamonds weighing approximately 0.50 carats each. The stones are set in platinum, while the band is 18k yellow gold.

31. Arosa Ring

three stone aquamarine engagement ring featuring platinum and diamonds on shoulders

Price: $4,950. Learn more about the Arosa Ring

The Arosa Ring features three emerald-cut aquamarines, weighing approximately 2.91 carats in total. What’s more, several diamonds adorn each shoulder. Finally, the platinum setting is a perfect match for the beautiful blue aquamarines.

32. Fayetteville Ring 

Platinum Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Held In Six Prongs

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Fayetteville Ring

The 1.68-carat center diamond of this gorgeous ring doesn’t need companions, and yet additional diamonds sit along the shoulders, bridge, and gallery. Elegant hand engravings cover the entire platinum band, while the crown setting exudes grace and luxury. This is the perfect piece to make your bride feel like a princess.

33. Delaware Ring 

Elongated Platinum Engagement Ring Featuring Santa Maria Aquamarine And Diamond Halo

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Delaware Ring

This ring will make her fingers look long and slender because of its elongated design. The 1.62-carat emerald-cut aquamarine in the center sits within a stunning diamond halo. The band is minimalistic, leaving the stones to bask in the limelight. What’s more, the aquamarine is Santa Maria color, which is considered to be the best possible color for aquamarines.

34. English Ring

Three Stone Diamond Ring On Yellow Gold With Pear Shaped Side Stones

Price: $21,000. Learn more about the English Ring

This three-stone yellow gold ring is unusual yet minimalistic, making the design quite elegant. The 2.06-carat center diamond is paired with a pear-shaped diamond on either side totaling approximately 0.63 carats. What’s more, the bezel setting will add a dash of Art Deco style to your look. 

35. Emerson Ring

Large Diamond Ring Featuring A Row Of Baguette Diamonds On Each Side

Price: $56,000. Learn more about the Emerson Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1945, this Retro-era French piece features a large and bold design. The center stone is a 3.15-carat old European-cut diamond. A row of channel-set baguette diamonds extends from the left and right of the center stone, totaling approximately 1.00 carat.

36. Florham Ring 

1.54ct Center GIA Certified Oval Cut Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring - Florham Ring - Hand Video

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Florham Ring

Colored gemstones are fun, but not as strong as diamonds. Why not get the best of both worlds and go for a fancy-colored diamond? The color of joy, this stone will cheer you up and give you a reason to celebrate each day. Besides that, the Florham features exceptional embellishments all along its platinum setting. Finally, the 1.54-carat oval-cut center stone is GIA-certified. 

37. Cald Ring 

Large Yellow Green Peridot Ring With Sapphire And Diamond Halos

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Cald Ring

For the most creative brides, one color may not be enough. The Cald Ring features a 3.77-carat, refreshingly-yellow-green peridot, surrounded by a double halo of sapphires and diamonds. What’s more, additional diamonds adorn the shoulders, while the remainder of the triple-wire shank is unembellished. If she’s got an artistic soul, we’re betting she’ll love this piece. 

38. Buccellati Emerald Ring 

Large Emerald Ring Featuring Lacey White Gold And Rounded Yellow Gold Mounting

Price: $128,000. Learn more about the Buccellati Emerald Ring.

Handcrafted in Italy circa 1960, this signed M. Buccellati ring certainly has that “wow factor”. The magnificent 11.36-carat oval-cut Colombian emerald sits proudly in lacey 18k white gold. The wide rounded 18k yellow gold shank is an excellent complement to the green emerald and white gold setting. Finally, this large treasure is certified by both G.R.S. and Christian Duneg.  

39. Bonnington Ring

delicate platinum engagement ring featuring round diamond and small diamonds on shoulders

Price: $21,000. Learn more about the Bonnington Ring

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, the Art Deco-era Bonnington Ring features a 2.03-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and VS1 clarity. What’s more, four additional diamonds adorn the shoulders totaling 0.16 carats. Most importantly, the gallery features heart-style openwork patterns.

40. Ocean View Ring

cushion cut diamond ring featuring floral diamond halo and yellow gold band

Price: $7,900. Learn more about the Ocean View Ring.

Last but certainly not least, the Ocean View Ring features a cushion-cut center diamond GIA-certified as 1.01 carats with E color and SI2 clarity. Surrounding the impressive colorless center diamond is a charming floral halo of round diamonds, while an additional diamond adorns each shoulder bringing the total diamond weight to 1.59 carats. Finally, the ring is platinum on 18k yellow gold.

Hopefully, you have found your perfect engagement ring from our selection. As fashion is cyclic, vintage rings incorporate a lot of the latest trends and manage to look both traditional and contemporary. 

If you decide to go for a vintage piece, however, then make sure to find a well-trusted retailer, such as Estate Diamond Jewelry. 

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