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Book Release: Engagement Ring Guide for Men

Book of The Engagement Ring Guide for Men

We are so excited to announce the release of our book dedicated to teaching you everything that you will need in order to get your engagement ring. dfgd f

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The book was written by Michael Khordipour, Afshin Shaddaie, and Benjamin Khordipour from Estate Diamond Jewelry.

About the Book

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The book was created for the purpose of educating people on how to do everything connected with the marriage proposal and engagement ring.

The book covers not just tips for purchasing the engagement ring, but also how to propose, how to learn her style and birthstone rings.

Khordipour and Shaddaie tapped into their 40+ years in the industry and produced a book filled with secrets that even the top industry leader don’t know.

Importance of Our Book

Having an engagement ring guide specifically tailored for men is of paramount importance due to the significance and complexity of the decision-making process surrounding this symbol of love and commitment. While engagement ring shopping is often perceived as a task reserved for women, the evolving dynamics of relationships and the desire for shared responsibilities have highlighted the necessity for such a guide.

Firstly, an engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a tangible expression of love, commitment, and partnership. Men, just like women, deserve to feel confident and informed when selecting a ring that encapsulates the essence of their relationship. A dedicated guide acknowledges that men are active participants in the engagement journey and empowers them with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

Furthermore, the world of engagement rings can be overwhelming and unfamiliar for many men. From understanding the intricacies of diamond grading to navigating the nuances of various ring settings, having a comprehensive guide can demystify the process. A guide provides explanations of technical terms, insights into different ring styles, and tips for considering budget constraints – ultimately equipping men with the tools to make choices that align with their partner’s preferences and their own values.

Ultimately, a dedicated engagement ring guide for men promotes equality in decision-making within relationships. It recognizes that partnerships are built on shared experiences and mutual understanding. Such a guide fosters open conversations between partners, allowing both individuals to express their desires and expectations for this significant milestone.

Who is this book for?

Book of The Engagement Ring Guide for Men

This is book was written for everyone that wants to learn more about engagement rings. All ages and demographics should enjoy it!

That being said, while formulating the book, Khordipour and Shaddaie purposely singled out a particular demographic. They saw that the greatest jewelry-related ignorance was found within guys (20-40 years of age). The voice of the book and the prime-target of the book is towards this crowd.

Again, and to reiterate, this book will be enjoyed by all ages and genders. The book was tested with so many different types of people and the response from them all was overwhelmingly positive.

Sections of the Book

Chapter 4 How to Propose

The book is divided into various sections. Each section is like a book of its own and is not dependant on the earlier or later chapters.

The book was written on the assumption that not everyone may need/want to know about everything. Instead, the reader will have the choice to skip around to the chapters that resonate with them.

  1. Are You Ready to Propose?
  2. Discovering Her Style
  3. A Guide to Engagement Rings
  4. How to Propose?
  5. Caring for Your Engagement Ring
  6. What Else You Should Know

Are you ready to Propose?

This chapter deals with understanding if you are truly ready to pop the question. Many people assume that they’re ready because they have spent a certain amount of time together. This section of the book will help you determine if you are actually ready to be married to somebody else.

Discovering Her Style

In this section, the reader will discover how to determine the style of someone without actually talking to them. It a skill that will need to be honed but the basics can be gleaned from Chapter 2. This section will be especially useful for guys planning out a surprise proposal.

A Guide to Engagement Rings

Chapter 3 is the meat of the book. In this chapter, the reader will learn all the insider secrets on how to shop for an engagement ring like a pro. Everything from diamond specification until setting styles is all covered.

How to Propose?

In this section, we explain, based on our years of experience, how to propose as effectively as possible, and also within the flavor and style of the couple’s personality.

We share details like proposal ideas, how to keep it secret, what to bring to the proposal etc…

Caring for Your Engagement Ring

Most people who have been wearing engagement rings for years still have no idea how to take care of it. In this chapter, the reader gets the inside scoop on how the experts care for and clean their engagement rings.

What Else You Should Know?

The final section deals with all the miscellaneous information that we believe everyone should know before getting engaged. Things like birthstones, second marriages, and rings that get caught on the finger are all covered in this chapter.

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Guide book for engagement rings for men

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About Afshin Shaddaie

Afshin moved to New York City in the 1980s, and a few years later, he began his career in the fine and rare jewelry scene. He teamed up with Michael Khordipour, and they've been curating vintage jewelry ever since. He also regularly contributes to Forbes, Rapaport, CNBC, The Knot, and Insider. Afshin constantly travels to international shows and private viewing events in the hope of finding rare vintage rings that will be important enough to make an impression. He is available for appointments at our New York showroom when he's not traveling. In 2019, Afshin authored his book called The Engagement Ring Guide for Men. He is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on vintage jewelry and antique diamonds. His favorite jewelry era is Art Nouveau, and he loves rare Italian jewelry from the 1950s - 1970s. The Natural Saltwater Pearl is his favorite precious jewel.