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Common Jewelry Questions

How Long Does It Take a Jeweler to Handcraft an Engagement Ring?

Jeweler Planning out Engagement Ring

It takes around four to six weeks to handcraft a custom engagement ring from the moment the design has been finalized. Of course, this time can vary depending on the complexity of the ring, the number of stones, and the finishing touches. While creating a custom engagement ring takes more time than purchasing an already crafted one, you’ll be 100% sure no one else has the same ring as you.

The Estate Diamond Jewelry team can handcraft a ring according to your requirements and style preferences. If you’re interested in creating a custom ring, send us a message and we’ll contact you with more details about the process.

How to Tell If a Diamond Is Fake

Loose Diamond with Certificate

Fake diamonds can look just as good as real ones, so it can be hard to establish the difference, especially for people who aren’t experts. There are several tests that can indicate a diamond is fake. For example, the hot breath test, which is based on the principle that real diamonds are excellent heat conductors. Place the diamond at room temperature, breathe on it, and if the misting disappears immediately, it’s most likely a real diamond. There’s also the newspaper test that requires you to place your diamond on a newspaper and see if you can read the print through it. If you can, the diamond is most likely fake.

While these at-home tests can indicate whether a diamond is real or not, they aren’t 100% reliable. The only way to confirm a diamond is real is to take it to a reputable jeweler who will examine it.

Can You Break a Diamond?

Diamond vs Massive Hammer

Since diamonds are ranked as the hardest substance on the Mohs scale (the scale used for measuring mineral hardness), it’s easy to think they are indestructible. However, this isn’t true, because their hardness only makes them resistant to scratches. It’s undeniable that diamonds are hard, but that doesn’t mean they are exceptionally strong.

Certain types of naturally occurring inclusions in diamonds can make them more prone to chipping and breaking. These inclusions are called feathers and cleavages. If a diamond has a lot of them, it will be more inclined to damage when subjected to impact.

So, technically speaking, it’s possible to break a diamond, but this doesn’t often happen in reality. You can reduce the risk of damage by paying attention to when you can wear the diamond and when you should take it off.

Can I Exercise While Wearing Jewelry?

Can I Wear My Engagement Ring Whilst Exercising?

Wearing jewelry while exercising probably isn’t the best idea if you want to ensure your jewelry doesn’t get damaged. Oil and dirt can build up in every part of your jewelry and compromise its appearance. Moreover, if you’re wearing rings that are a bit loose, they can easily fall off your hand.

Wearing jewelry when engaging in low-impact activities like yoga, running, or riding a bike doesn’t impose as much risk as going to the gym with it. Any activity that involves physical contact can damage your jewelry. In such cases, it’s best to leave your jewelry at home.

Exercising might be great for our health, but it can damage our jewelry. We recommend exercising without wearing jewelry to avoid the risks.

How to Sell Jewelry

The first step you need to take if you want to sell jewelry is to find a reputable buyer. Estate Diamond Jewelry makes offers on rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches. Although the focus is on vintage jewelry, our team also buys modern pieces.

If you wish to sell your jewelry, you need to provide as much information about it as possible. The more details, the easier the process. You should send us a clear picture of the jewelry you want to sell and the GIA certification if you have it. If you don’t have the certification, you can use our form, send the jewelry to us for examination, and we’ll suggest the best price.

Don’t worry if your jewelry is damaged; you can still sell it.

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How to Tell If a Diamond Is Antique

Old European Cut Diamond Vs Brilliant Cut Diamond

Many people aren’t sure whether their diamond is antique. To better understand what that means, let’s define antique diamonds.

Antique diamonds are diamonds that were mined more than 100 years ago. So, if a diamond was mined in 1922, it’s antique. However, if it was mined in 1970, it is considered vintage, but not antique.

One of the most distinguishing features of antique diamonds is that they aren’t as precisely cut as modern diamonds. At the time, diamonds were meant to be viewed in candlelight, so they don’t have as much sparkle and brilliance as modern diamonds.

Contrary to popular belief, antique diamonds usually come with a certificate that proves their origin and characteristics. If you’re unsure whether your diamond is antique and don’t have a certificate, reach out to a reputable jeweler for an estimation.

How Tight Should a Ring Feel on a Finger?

12655 18000 diamond engagement ring

A loose ring can easily slip off your finger and you could lose it forever. On the other hand, a tight ring is very uncomfortable, and virtually impossible to put on or take off.

The right ring should slide over your knuckle easily. Moreover, the ring should touch every part of your skin when you wear it. Taking the ring off should never be challenging, and it’s perfectly fine if you need to turn the ring around your finger a few times to remove it. But if you need to use hand cream or soap to remove it, the ring is probably too tight.

If your ring can fall off your finger easily, it’s too loose, and you should get it resized.

Keep in mind that it’s easier to size down than to size up, which is important when buying a ring for someone else.

How to Use a Loupe

13025 Customer using a Loupe on a Diamond and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring in Showroom

A jewelry loupe is a small magnifying glass used to inspect stones. If you want to use a loupe, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Unfold the loupe and place your finger in the provided spot. You can choose the direction depending on which hand you’re more comfortable with.
  2. Put the loupe in front of your eye. For more stability, place your thumb’s knuckle on your cheek and put your elbow on a firm surface.
  3. Move the gem with your other hand until it comes into focus.
  4. View the gem from all angles.

Here’s our detailed guide on how to use a loupe.

Jewelry Questions About Markings and Hallmarks on Jewelry

Selling a piece of jewelry online and examining with loupe

What Are the Gold Hallmarks?

Gold hallmarks indicate the purity of gold in a piece of gold jewelry. There are six gold hallmarks: 375, 585, 750, 916, 990, and 999, and these numbers mark the number of gold parts per thousand and can convert to karats.

Note that 375 marks the lowest quality, while 999 represents pure gold.

What Are the Platinum Hallmarks?

Vintage Drop Earrings Customer in Mirror

There are four platinum hallmarks: 850, 900, 950, and 999. The numbers suggest the precious metal content expressed in parts per thousand. So, the first number (850) means the platinum is 85%, 900 means it’s 90% pure, 950 means it’s 95% pure, while 999 represents pure platinum.

When checking a platinum hallmark, it’s important to consider its shape. If the shape is round or square, it’s not platinum. Platinum hallmarks have a rectangular shape with a pointy upper side.

What Are the Silver Hallmarks?

There are four silver hallmarks: 800, 925, 958, and 999. Sterling silver is marked with 925 or higher. Silver hallmarks are round; any other shape indicates it’s not silver.

Meaning of Other Common Hallmarks

Another metal used for jewelry is palladium. This rare metal is whiter than white gold and platinum and is often offered as a metal selection for jewelry.

There are thee palladium hallmarks: 500, 950, and 999, with 500 representing the lowest quality and 999 the highest. These hallmarks have a trapezoid shape.

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