Browse our exquisite collection of rose cut diamond engagement rings at Estate Diamond Jewelry. Michael and Afshin have meticulously selected each piece to ensure it meets our high standards of craftsmanship and quality.

The rose cut, characterized by its unique dome shape, is one of the earliest diamond cuts and continues to be highly sought after for its vintage charm and timeless elegance. Each handcrafted ring and estate ring in our collection reflects not only the heritage of its design but also the dedication to the quality that Estate Diamond Jewelry stands for.

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Antique Georgian 0.50ct Rose Cut Berwick Engagement Ring. Circa 1810


Platinum GIA 2.69ct Rose Cut Diamond Calabria Engagement Ring


3.21ct Rose Cut Cushion Shaped Diamond Ring. Columbus Ring


6.00ct Rose Cut Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring. Norristown Ring


Antique Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Dresden. Circa 1800


1.56ct Rose-Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring. Ambler Ring


3.02ct Oval Rose Cut Diamond Bel Air Ring


3.11ct Rose Cut Diamond Bergon Ring

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Almena Ring


Bellingham Ring


Bridgewater Ring


Clearwater Ring


Earling Ring


Escan Ring. Circa 1890 (Antique, Victorian Era)


Estate Georgian Three-Stone Diamond Ring. Circa 1810


Finchley Ring


Kensington Ring


Mayflower Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era.


Norwell Ring


Parma Ring.


Seymour Ring


Stamford Ring


Georgian Garnet Ring. Luce Ring. Circa 1820


Gloucester Ring


Hayne Ring. Circa 1905