Shop our exclusive selection of Old European Engagement Rings, handpicked by Afshin and Benjamin for their historical importance and beauty.

Old European cut diamonds were handcrafted at the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s and are the predecessor to the modern brilliant cut diamond.

These rings feature Old European Cut diamonds, known for their round shape, high crown, and deep pavilion. They offer an outstanding, romantic glow that has surged in popularity for those seeking a connection to the past and a ring with character and depth. Explore our collection to find an old European cut diamond ring that combines classic allure with timeless elegance.

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0.15ct Diamond Altamont Art Deco Engagement Ring. Circa 1920


0.90ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Madrid


1.10ct Antique Engagement Ring. H Color Ozark Ring. Circa 1900


1.42ct Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring. Metz Ring. Circa 1940


Antique 0.55ct Edwardian Diamond Engagement Ring. Circa 1910


Antique Art Deco 0.20ct Diamond Engagement Ring Elton. Circa 1920


Antique Art Deco 0.70ct Old Euro Edison Engagement Ring. Circa 1920


Antique Art Deco 3.07ct Diamond Halo Engagement Ring. Glenview Ring. Circa 1930


Antique Deco 1.07ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Circa 1930


Art Deco Estate 0.40ct Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring. Orleans Ring. Circa 1925


Art Deco Vintage 0.43ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Lewes Ring. Circa 1920


Edwardian 0.45ct Old Mine Cut Jersey Engagement Ring. Circa 1910


Old Euro VS1 0.25ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Fairbank Ring


Vintage 0.92ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring. Milton Ring. Circa 1930


Vintage Engagement Ring 0.76ct Elm Park Old Euro Ring. Circa 1955


Vintage Retro 0.40ct Califon Old Mine Engagement Ring. Circa 1945


1.13ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring, Handcrafted Platinum on 18k Yellow Gold. Mirage Ring


1.19ct GIA Certified Old European Cut Diamond Ring. Riverview Ring


1.23ct Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring. Denmark Ring


1.58ct Old European Cut Diamond, Platinum Ring. Seville Ring


2.07ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Bologna Ring


2.29ct Octagon Halo Old Euro Engagement Ring


3.80ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Bayside Ring


Antique 0.85ct 5 Stone Diamond Platinum Bellevue Ring. Circa 1920


Art Deco Era Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring Farsley. Circa 1930


Art Nouveau 0.38ct Diamond Ring Beaumont. Circa 1900


Edwardian Antique Bohemia 1.48ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Circa 1900


Mid-Century 0.71ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Virginia Ring. Circa 1950


Rovigo Ring. Circa 1920, Antique, Art Deco Era


Southwell Ring. Circa 1935, Vintage, Art Deco Era